G Wall set; vježbaj kod kuće

Profesionalna izvedba u kompaktnom izdanju dozvoljava Vam potpuno trening iskustvo u samo 1m2.

Dolazi u 4 izvedbe;

S; 3280,00 eur

M; 3480,00 eur

L; 4180,00 eur

XL ( na naslovnoj slici ); 6470,00 eura

3.280,00 €


Training at home >Adaptiva G-Wall XL

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G-Wall is a professional gym in a compact design. Modern design and aesthetic finish of the wall allow it to fit into any room. G-Wall provides provides the possibility of Full Body Workout on less than 1m² of surface.


XL is a version of the wall enriched with a rotator, long and short barbell hangers and bumper hangers. The XL version enables barbell training. It can optionally be used with a universal bench (extra paid option). It is the best suited for larger apartments, houses or hotel training rooms. It is made of the best quality steel, so its durability does not differ from professional walls in fitness clubs.


The G-wall is sold with the profesional accessories:


 balans bag - 2 pcs.

 kettlebells - 3 pcs.

 balls - 3 pcs.

 Space Stretch Max

 gymnastic ball with a pump

 power band

 yoga block - 2 pcs.

 olympic bar 450 kg

 polyurethane bumper plate (maximum total weight - 200 kg)

 lift (without set of bumper)


In order to select accessories - please enter their weights and types in the notes to the order. Their total weight cannot exceed 100 kg.


By purchasing G-wall, you will receive 12 months access to the application, which has been designed to promote the possibility of training in the comfort of your home or create a gym in a hotel room. Thanks to it you will learn how to effectively and safely use accessories in functional training and how many possibilities G-Wall offers. The application was also created so that you can use the maximum potential of all accessories and to familiarize yourself with their application. The application contains more than 55 different exercises. You choose their type, training intensity, body part or specific accessories which you want to exercise with.

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The gate is fully manufactured in Poland, so we can be sure that it meets the highest standards.


The G-wall is available in 4 colours:

 Concrete-Black (white)

 Dynamite Red-Black (red)

 Space Black-Black (graphite)

 Naked-Black (clearcoat)


It is also possible to fully customize the G-wall in terms of its exctension and color. In order to choose a specific color, please enter the color from the Pantone scale in the comments to the order.