Balans Bag, Gipara

Balans Bag marke Gipara

Rekvizit za vježbanje s opterečenjem punjen vodom. Količina vode određuje težinu s kojom vježbate. Težina može varirati od 5 -7-9 kg

Uz njega možete naručiti mali stalak ( 6 kom ) za 4.350,00 kn ili veliki 9.750,00 kn

Vježbe s Balans Bag pogledate ovdje;

90,00 €


Balans Bag™ is a modern and improved weight bag with handles. Bulgarian bag and sand bag/power bag are training bags filled with sand. Instead of a permanent filling, it is filled with ordinary water, the level of which, and thus the weight of the bag, can be freely adjusted. Due to the reinforced external sheathing, the weight of the bag can be adjusted from 1 to even 19 kg, without the risk of its tearing. Constantly unstable fluid turns the simplest exercises into challenges, which require a lot of precision and body coordination from the user. Exercises with the use of Balans Bag™ stimulate deep muscle fibres and will be suitable during functional training, personal training, as well as during group exercises. Due to the simple method of weight adjustment, it can be also used at home, outdoors and it is very travel-friendly. A set of ergonomically adjusted grips makes the water bag Balans Bag™ a perfect tool for working on the stabilisation of the thorax, endurance and strength. It is an indispensable device in the scope of strengthening the muscles and mobility of joints, as well as increasing the rotational capabilities of the spine.


Additionally, for the purchase, we offer 3 months of free access to the G-wall app, which presenting training with nine different accessories for nine parts of the body. Everything is shown in an attractive way, along with voice guidance of the exercise. Plus, a fitness tracker with a whole history of your own workouts, all in one app! 

Balans Bag™ - training bag

We recommend its filling in accordance with the following levels:

level light - level 14 cm - load 5 kg,

level medium - level 21 cm - load 7 kg, 

level heavy - level 27 cm - load 9 kg.


In order to take care of keeping order in the exercise room, we have designed a special ergonomic storage system, which allows you to put back the bag with appropriately selected load.

Specially prepared group exercises Inertia Training System - use all the advantages of the Balans Bag, combining them into an interesting and dynamic choreography. 

Colored weight marks are available only on request.

*indicated water change every 6 months


Dimensions: length - 80 cm, diameter - 21 cm

Warranty: 60 months (5 years)